Building works abroad? How to monitor them and supervise them?

Building at home is already a precarious business. And it’s even more difficult when you want to carry out building or conversion works abroad. Not only do you have to be familiar with the local building regulations and norms, but you also have to take into account that the methods and business procedures differ considerably from one region to another.
ARCON-EXPERTS employees have many years’ experience in business and managing projects. They are multilingual ( NL, FR, GB, DE and notions of ES and IT ) and versatile in their ability to adapt to difficult cultures so that they can ensure optimal local contact and professional assistance for all your building projects.

Experience has shown us that regular and unannounced site visits are essential to ensure optimal monitoring of building works.

If you think that changes to building plans at home are often at the origin of frightening additional costs and unexpected expenses, just imagine how much these kinds of changes abroad can lead to a true explosion in costs and unexpected changes in the building procedures.

If you think that real estate is defined in the main by LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, then the control of costs, quality and deadlines of building projects are defined by PREPARATION, PREPARATION and even more PREPARATION. And this is particularly true when working abroad where improvisation is the harbinger of catastrophe. 

A webcam at your building site at home and/or abroad !

A webcam is not just a good idea for following the progress of your building works, but it is also useful for monitoring the quality of the building works and sometimes it can even be essential to show who has carried out which work at which time or who is responsible for certain defects.

ARCON-EXPERTS works with specialised partners to provide you with this service. You can find an example of an online webcam film on webcam provence. ARCON-EXPERTS undertook the renovation works of a Provencal Bastide on behalf of CASA MIRA sarl in the Luberon, and installed a webcam installed that gives you the opportunity to admire the surroundings and the views of Mount Ventoux in REAL TIME.