ADVICE to bring rapid relief from building worries.

* Are you just looking for non-binding advice, or a second opinion?
* Do you have a specific question about specific properties of certain building materials, or about the way they should be used?
* Have you seen a building product, but you don’t really know exactly what it was?
* Are you concerned about certain aspects of the design of your new property?
* Are you concerned about a crack in the cellar? 

ARCON-EXPERTS' team of experts have years of experience in the building sector. They will be more than happy to offer you any advice you may need.  Even by phone.

Sometimes though it is necessary to visit the building site in order to analyse the situation more accurately and sometimes additional research is needed, or more detailed inspections. In many instances, a one-time only intervention should do the job. So that you are able to continue your project without breaking the bank.  Another problem out of the way.

ASSISTANCE that gives you professional support as and when you need it.

In certain more complex situations involving third parties, you may need someone to defend your interests. An independent expert who will act totally autonomously and who will thus earn the respect of the other parties involved. Your opinion is taken more seriously and other parties are unable to take advantage of your lack of experience in building matters.